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6.32. Where can I find computer graphics, pictures, and fine art?

The Usenet is rife with graphics and art. Check out the newsgroups (for those pictures created with computer graphics programs) and (for reproductions of paintings, drawings, prints, and so on). Discussion of the art on these groups takes place on If you are interested in fractal imagery, look at

The newsgroup is where you can find pictures featuring human nudity or pornography. And in case you were wondering, is for tasteless and bizarre pictures. Pictures that don't fit elsewhere can be found on

Archives of the Usenet fine-art groups can be perused using anonymous FTP.
Another art archive is available via FTP at the following:
There's an online art gallery accessible via Gopher at A WWW version that wasn't complete when I wrote this is available at the following:
Another computer graphics mecca is (located in Germany). Because cross-pond FTP is slow and wastes bandwidth, it is better to get it at a mirror site such as

For more information, read the FAQ. It is posted every other Monday to the newsgroup It is also available by anonymous FTP. :/pub/usenet/news.answers/pictures-faq/*
It is also available via e-mail. Send a message
Subject: <Subject line is ignored>
Body: send usenet/news.answers/pictures-faq/*

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