Your Internet Consultant - The FAQs of Life Online

6.31. Where can I find electronic journals?

On the Usenet, read alt.etext, alt.zines, and rec.mag for information about electronic journals.

The FTP site is a clearinghouse for hundreds of e-journals. Look in for an extensive list of e-journals, complete with descriptions and information on finding them online.

You'll also find hundreds of e-journals at the following FTP sites:

Various sites also offer e-texts by Gopher, including

Once you find an electronic journal you would like to subscribe to, you'll find an editor's e-mail address somewhere in each issue. Send an e-mail note to the editor asking to be added to the subscriber list, or follow any specific instructions for subscribing listed in the journal.

Note: A disclaimer at nicely sums up the content of the more subversive ejournals.
The files on this archive server are presented as a contribution to scholarly research, documenting cultural phenomena and movements. Some of them may be offensive to you. In fact, it is a near certainty that you will find some of them morally repugnant, politically incorrect and/or subversive. If this bothers you, you may disconnect now.

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