Your Internet Consultant - The FAQs of Life Online

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Copyright © 1994, 1996 by Kevin Savetz

This site contains full text of my book, Your Internet Consultant - The FAQs of Life Online. This book was released by Sams Publishing in 1994 and is now out of print. Since it has not been updated since 1994, some parts of it are obsolete (for instance, it barely mentions the Web.) Other parts have held true.

I've put the book on the Web in its entirety, where it could possibly help some people, or just languish as an obsolete relic of an earlier Internet.

You may be able to buy a pre-owned, printed copy of the book from

--Kevin Savetz

Table of Contents

Front Matter: Copyright, Trademarks and Credits
Foreword by Daniel Dern
Chapter 1: Just What Is This Internet?
Chapter 2: How Do I Get Connected?
Chapter 3: How Does the Internet Work?
Chapter 4: How Can I Communicate with People Around the World?
Chapter 5: Where Can I Discuss My Favorite Film, Food, or Fetish--and Just About Everything Else?
Chapter 6: How Can I Find and Use Software (and Other Stuff)?
Chapter 7: How Do I Track Down Information?
Chapter 8: Can I Do Business on the Internet?
Chapter 9: Is There Government Information Online?
Chapter 10: Where Are All the Fun and Games?
Chapter 11: What Do I Need to Know about Internet Culture and Lore?
Chapter 12: How Can I Keep My Privacy and Stay Secure?
Appendix A: Internet Access Providers
Appendix B: Information About the Internet, on the Internet
Appendix C: The Internet Offline: Books and Magazines

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