27 more mailing lists about musicians and bands

  1. Mariah Carey Contact: vision-request@roundtable.cif.rochester.edu
  2. Melissa Etheridge Contact: Etheridge-request@cnd.mcgill.ca
  3. Michael Ball Contact: majordomo@world.std.com
  4. Mike Oldfield Contact: stevea@vast.unsw.edu.au
  5. Numan (Gary Numan) Contact: numan-request@cs.uwp.edu
  6. OMD (Orchestral Manoevres In The Dark) Contact: omd-request@cs.uwp.edu
  7. Orbital Contact: majordomo@xmission.com
  8. oysters Contact: oysters-request@blowfish.taligent.com
  9. ph7 (Peter Hammill) Contact: ph7-request@bnf.com
  10. Poi-Pounders (Poi Dog Pondering) Contact: poi-pounders-request@presto.ig.com
  11. Police Contact: majordomo@xmission.com
  12. Prince Contact: prince-request@icpsr.umich.edu
  13. Roxette Contact: owner-Roxette@eiunix.tuwien.ac.at
  14. rush Contact: rush-request@syrinx.umd.edu
  15. Screaming in Digital (Queensryche) Contact: queensryche-request@pilot.njin.net
  16. spiders (David Bowie) Contact: spiders@phoenix.imag.fr
  17. tadream (Tangerine Dream) Contact: tadream-request@cs.uwp.edu
  18. tears4-fears Contact: tears4-fears-request@ms.uky.edu
  19. The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy Contact: jbc-list-request@pasture.ecn.purdue.edu
  20. The Move Contact: move-request@pismo.sw.stratus.com
  21. TheThe Contact: CCET01@Liverpool.ac.uk
  22. TheWho Contact: majordomo@cisco.com
  23. they-might-be (They Might be Giants) Contact: they-might-be-request@super.org
  24. Undercover (The Rolling Stones) Contact: undercover-request@snowhite.cis.uoguelph.ca
  25. Yello Contact: yello-request@overpass.calpoly.edu (Cliff Tuel)
  26. Yoko-list (Yoko Ono) Contact: LISTSERV@HUB2.TC.UMN.EDU
  27. zeppelin (Led Zeppelin) Contact: zeppelin-l@cornell.edu

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