27 mailing lists about musicians and bands

  1. backstreets (Bruce Springsteen) Contact: backstreets-request@virginia.edu
  2. Bel Canto Contact: dewy-fields-request@ifi.uio.no
  3. Beloved Contact: beloved-request@phoenix.oulu.fi
  4. Between the Lines (Debbie Gibson) Contact: mkwong@scf.nmsu.edu
  5. Billy Joel Contact: joel-request@chaos.bsu.edu
  6. bolton (Michael Bolton) Contact: ai411@yfn.ysu.edu
  7. chalkhills (XTC) Contact: chalkhills-request@presto.ig.com
  8. Crowes (Black Crowes) Contact: rstewart@unex.ucla.edu
  9. dire-straits Contact: dire-straits-request@merrimack.edu
  10. direct (Vangelis) Contact: direct-request@ctsx.celtech.com
  11. echoes (Pink Floyd) Contact: echoes-request@fawnya.tcs.com
  12. ELP (Emerson, Lake and Palmer) Contact: J.Arnold@bull.com
  13. Elvis Costello Contact: costello-request@gnu.ai.mit.edu
  14. Eno-L (Brian Eno) Contact: eno-l-request@udlapvms.pue.udlap.mx
  15. fegmaniax (Robyn Hitchcock) Contact: fegmaniax-request@gnu.ai.mit.edu
  16. finewine (God Street Wine) Contact: finewine-request@world.std.com
  17. fogelberg (Dan Fogelberg) Contact: ai411@yfn.ysu.edu
  18. indigo-girls Contact: indigo-girls-request@cgrg.ohio-state.edu
  19. jarre Contact: jarre-request@cs.uwp.edu
  20. JTull (Jethro Tull) Contact: jtull-request@remus.rutgers.edu (Dave Steiner)
  21. jump-in-the-river (Sinead O'Connor) Contact: jump-in-the-river-request@presto.ig.com
  22. k-d-lang Contact: majordomo@world.std.com
  23. Kraftwerk Contact: kraftwerk-request@cs.uwp.edu
  24. Level 42 Contact: level42-request@enterprise.bih.harvard.edu
  25. life-talking Contact: life-talking-request@ferkel.ucsb.edu
  26. Lost Chords (of the Moody Blues) Contact: lost-chords-request@mit.edu
  27. loureed Contact: loureed-request@cvi.hahnemann.edu

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