Ten mailing lists about defunct musical groups or dead musicians

  1. babble (Cocteau Twins) Contact: babble-owner@bobby.ecst.csuchico.edu
  2. campervan-etc (Camper Van Beethoven) Contact: dunedin@leland.stanford.edu
  3. Electric Light Orchestra Contact: elo-list-request@andrew.cmu.edu
  4. foxxvox (Ultravox) Contact: Majordomo@dcs.ed.ac.uk
  5. hey-joe (Jimi Hendrix) Contact: hey-joe-request@ms.uky.edu
  6. janes-addiction Contact: janes-addiction-request@ms.uky.edu (Joel Abbot)
  7. People of the South Wind (Kansas) Contact: kansas-request@world.std.com
  8. Queen Contact: majordomo@stat.lsa.umich.edu
  9. sabbath (Black Sabbath) Contact: sabbath-request@fa.disney.com 10 The Sugarcubes Contact: glocke@morgan.ucs.mun.ca

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