Five facts about crime in Tulsa County

  1. The Tulsa County Sheriff's Office is the first local law enforcement agency to offer information on the Internet. You can access it by gophering to
  2. According to the online Uniform Crime Report, there were 226 incidents of automobile theft in unincorportated areas of Tulsa County in 1993, up 15% from 1992. However, there were only three homicides in '93, down from five in 1992.
  3. On the night I checked, the Tulsa County jail was 101.6% occupied- -holding 904 inmates but only 889 beds. There were 765 adult males and 128 adult females. Plus 12 boys. More than 33,000 people were booked in the Tulsa County Jail in 1993.
  4. You can download mug shots (in GIF and JPEG formats) of Tulsa's Most Wanted.
  5. Future expansion for the Sheriff's Department gopher includes information about gangs and a list of County Jail inmates.

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