Five electronic journals for PC and Windows users

The following list of online magazines and journals is available rom the Internet Computer Index (ICI). ICI is a great one-stop shop for files, FAQ lists, and publications about PCs, Macs and UNIX computers. The folks at ICI collect various bits of information on the net- - the most useful files, articles, and such- -in one place for your browsing pleasure. It's a wonderful- -and free- -service. Try it out: gopher to These electronic magazines are available there.
  1. ASP Shareware Catalog for BBS Users. The master catalog of PC software from the Association of Shareware Professionals. This lists all the software created by ASP members, which includes all of the major PC shareware.
  2. The Online World book. This fascinating periodical describes the breadth of the offerings by focusing on selected applications on major global networks and services including Internet, CompuServe, Fidonet, Usenet, and BITNET. The perspective is global, which is refreshing for those tired of US-centric Internet publications.
  3. GeoBytes Newsletter. Covers news for users of the GeoWorks operating system. It is published irregularly, and can only be read by people who own the GeoWorks system.
  4. Windows Programmer's Journal. The name says it all: it's for people who program for Windows. Some of the articles are for novice programmers, many are for those with an already great understanding.
  5. Game Bytes. A good overall magazine about PC games. It comes out every month or so, and is quite large, even when compressed. There are two versions of each issue: with and without graphics. With graphics, it is about 1.3 megabytes; without, it is about 1 megabyte.

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