Three cases of mass transit on the 'net

Why be road kill on the information superhighway when you can take the train?
  1. France's Subway System. An entire subway system on the net? Sure. This service tells you how to use the subway to get from any subway station to any other in several cities. Writer Eric McKinney notes that since you can access the subway from the Internet, "Perhaps soon people will be able to conveniently access the Internet from a subway station." Hmmm. (To try it, telnet 10000)
  2. German railway RailServer. Eurail Pass junkies, rejoice! RailServer is a great stop for tourists and commuters alike. This helpful service lists all German railway stations and timetables, as well as about 4,000 other European cities and their rail connections to Germany. Information about German fares and price reductions is also included.
  3. Amtrak Train Schedules. Yet another service brings Amtrak passenger train (and other metropolitan commuter train schedules) to you. The information is comprehensive, up-to-date, and easy to use, organized by region. Gopher to Information/TrainSchedules/Amtrak.

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