Ten e-mailing lists about TV shows

  1. 30something: Contact: 30something-request@fuggles.acc.virginia.edu
  2. Clarissa: Contact: clarissa-request@tcp.com
  3. Dark Shadows: Contact: shadows-updates-request@sunee.uwaterloo.ca
  4. Eerie, Indiana: Contact: owner-eerie-indiana@sfu.ca
  5. flamingo (Parker Lewis): Contact: flamingo-request@lenny.corp.sgi.com
  6. Mayberry: Contact: listserv@bolis.sf-bay.org
  7. Melrose-place: Contact: melrose-place-request@ferkel.ucsb.edu
  8. My So-Called Life: Contact: vmkreng@uci.edu
  9. Space: 1999: Contact: space-1999-request@quack.kfu.com
  10. T-Zone Discussion (The Twilight Zone): Contact: tzone-request@hustle.rahul.net

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