Ten Things you can see and do at the Elvis Aron Presley homepage

The King is alive and well and on the 'net. You can see, hear and do all of these wonderful things from the official Elvis homepage. Use your multimedia Web browser to connect to
  1. Take a walking tour of Elvis' home, Graceland.
  2. Catch up on your Elvis trivia (aptly called "Things you never wanted to know about Elvis.")
  3. Hear clips from several of the King's tunes, including Love Me Tender and Hound Dog.
  4. Download audio clips of Elvis speaking to you.
  5. Download the Windows program Tiny-Elvis, which puts an animated tiny E (liberated from a silly Saturday Night Live skit) on your screen. He'll comment on your huge applications.
  6. Download the Elvis Director, also for Windows, which is said to detect the presence of the King in your computer. Why not? Elvis is everywhere.
  7. Read Elvis' shopping list: items that had to be available at Graceland at all times. (Including lean ground meat, orange drinks, sauerkraut, peanut butter, Dristan, and nice packs of gum.)
  8. Visit "Gallery one" where you can see pictures of Elvis in uniform, Elvis on stage, Elvis imbibing, Elvis relaxing, and Elvis with Priscilla in Las Vegas.
  9. Visit "Gallery two" where you can see photos of Elvis looking surprised, striking a sexy pose, doing Karate, and munching on a sandwich.
  10. Sign Elvis' guest book and be on your way.

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