Fifteen magazines offering selections of articles online at the "Electronic Newsstand"

The Newsstand is a free service from which you can read selected articles from mainstream magazines (as well as some that you probably won't even find on newsstands.) What do you get from these online magazines? Just plain old ASCII text, without the pictures, ads, crossword puzzles and other good stuff the print magazine might carry. Of course, if you want to read the whole issue you'll have to buy the magazine or subscribe. You can access the Electronic Newsstand by gophering to or telneting to and logging in as "enews".
  1. American Journal of International Law
  2. Business Week
  3. CD-ROM World
  4. Discover
  5. The Environmental Magazine
  6. Genetic Engineering News
  7. Individual Investor
  8. Jewish Enquirer
  9. Maclean's
  10. Mother Jones
  11. New Age Journal
  12. Out Magazine
  13. Skepical Inquirer
  14. Whole Earth Review
  15. Yoga Journal

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