Eleven bookstores you can find on the Internet

This is from the Internet Mall, a great list for finding what kind of businesses are using the Internet. Get your own copy by sending mail to taylor@netcom.com with the message subject send mall. You can automatically receive updates to the list too: send e-mail to listserv@netcom.com with subscribe IMALL-L as the message.
  1. Bakka, a science fiction, fantasy and horror book store. (Send mail to "vmall@hookup.net" with the subject send bakka catalog)
  2. Book Stacks Unlimited (telnet books.com)
  3. Future Fantasy (http://www.commerce.digital.com/palo-alto/FutureFantasy/home.html)
  4. Moe's Books (Contact them through e-mail: moesbooks@delphi.com)
  5. Natural Literacy (Send e-mail to natlit@well.sf.ca.us)
  6. Nebula Sci-Fi Bookstore (send mail to nebula@cam.org with the message subject "catalog")
  7. Pathfinder Press (gopher to ftp.std.com)
  8. Powell's Technical Bookstore (contact them through e-mail: ping@technical.powells.portland.or.us)
  9. Sidney Kramer Books (send mail for more information: skbooks@clark.net)
  10. The University of California, Irvine Bookstore (http://bookweb.cwis.uci.edu:8042/ or gopher://gopher.cwis.uci.edu)
  11. Wordsworth Books (Send e-mail to info@wordsworth.com)

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