Apple Computer's eleven Internet Cool Tools awards winners

In 1994, Apple Computer's Advanced Technology Group awarded eleven Internet Cool Tools awards for significant contributions to making it easier to navigate the Internet. Here are the winners.
  1. The Internet Society for its efforts to foster a global environment conducive to the easy exchange of information
  2. Steve Dorner of QUALCOMM Incorporated for the Eudora e-mail client
  3. Chuck Shotton for MacHTTP, a World Wide Web server for Macintosh
  4. Peter Lewis for FTPd, an anonymous file transfer server; and Anarchie, an FTP client
  5. University of Michigan for Weather Underground and Blue-Skies, a Gopher client for browsing, viewing and reporting real-time weather information
  6. John Hardin of EINet for MacWeb, a hypermedia World Wide Web client
  7. National Center for Supercomputer Applications for Mosaic for the Macintosh
  8. Aaron Giles of Cornell University Medical College for JPEGView, an image viewer application
  9. John Norstad of Northwestern University for NewsWatcher, a Usenet news reader
  10. Cornell University for CU-SeeMe, a videoconferencing tool
  11. University of Minnesota for the TurboGopher client and GopherSurfer server

More information about the awards is available at TidBITS.

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