Winners of the Best of Web '94 awards

The Best of the Web '94 Awards were presented at the WWW Conference in Geneva, highlighting the wonderful work that is being done in the World Wide Web. The award recipients and other nominees are on permanent display at
  1. Best Overall Site- -National Center for Supercomputing Applications. The "second home" of the Web, NCSA has contributed more to the world than Mosaic. This site is also the home of What's New and a multitude of helpful documentation on contributing to and using the Web. It's so popular, they are trying to get fewer people to use it.
  2. Best Campus-Wide Information System- -Globewide Network Academy. Certainly the most original school out there. It's "Campus"-Wide Information System contains basically the entire campus. Its most impressive services are an on-line "faculty" of consultants, an index to the Web, and some experimental electronic courses.
  3. Best Commercial Site - O'Reilly and Associates. The publishers who brought you the Global Network Navigator, well-known for their technical computer books. Besides their publications catalog, there is information about the many projects they sponsor.
  4. Best Educational Service - Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming with C++. The first fully virtual course in the Globewide Network Academy. Combines a MOO and a HTML hypertext book. With links to other C++ resources as well, an important resource for learning C++.
  5. Best Entertainment Site- -Sports Information Service. A continuously growing resource of sports information and statistics, especially on the NBA.
  6. Best Professional Service- -OncoLink. A very large resource of cancer-related information, including news, texts, case studies, and multimedia exhibits.
  7. Best Navigational Aid- -World Wide Web Worm. A robot which indexes titles, URLs, and reference links. Fairly close to comprehensive already, and gaining in popularity.
  8. Most Important Service Concept- -What's New on the WWW. Probably the single most accessed page on the Web, this service has helped unknown thousands keep up with this fast-moving virtual world.
  9. Best Document Design- -Travels With Samantha. Electronic version of a popular travelogue of North America. Includes many nice pictures and links to maps of mentioned places.
  10. Best Use of Interaction- -Xerox Map Server. This document takes user-supplied variables to make custom maps of the U.S. and world.
  11. Best Use of Multiple Media- -Le Louvre. Two exhibits in one. The first is an exhibit from the world-famous art museum, including many well-known works from famous artists, the other is a tour of Paris.
  12. Most Technical Merit- -Xerox Map Server. The pioneer in this category, Steve Putz, Xerox PARC tied a standalone map viewing program to the web and voila! Instant maps of anywhere in the world.

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