Ten of the eclectic items sold at the Computer Museum's first Internet Auction (and the prices they sold for)

The Computer Museum hosted the Internet's first online auction in April 1994 by selling more than 70 collectable (primarily computer-related) goodies online. Users from around the world competed for the goods via electronic mail. The auction, which raised a total of $15,000, benefitted the educational programs of The Computer Museum, the world's first and only institution devoted to people and computers. Located in Boston, Massachusetts, it is home to more than 125 fun and user-friendly computing exhibits as well as the most comprehensive collection of computing technologies in the world. For more information, call (617) 426-2800 x322 or send e-mail to sellers@tcm.org.
  1. IBM punch card self-study course with plugboard ($60)
  2. CPU Wars: The HEC vs IPM comic book ($71)
  3. Bell Labs' cardboard computer, the Cardiac ($80)
  4. Ted Nelson's classic book "Computer Lib and Dream Machines" ($86)
  5. 1952 manual for Los Alamos' first computer, the MANIAC ($116)
  6. First book on programming with Wilkes video on EDSAC ($200)
  7. Original "Lisa" Computer Gortex jacket given to development team ($260)
  8. 1953 UNIVAC 1 programming manual with Eckert-Mauchly module ($300)
  9. Caribbean getaway for four ($2101)
  10. Pentium Processor plot with designers' names and frame ($2101)

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