Ten things you can do in Hoboken, New Jersey

Virtual tourists searching for new cyberspace frontiers should check out Hoboken X, an electronic guide to the city of Hoboken, New Jersey. You can get to Hoboken by train, bus, ferry - or via the World Wide Web at http://www.stevens-tech.edu/hobokenx/. According to the locals, Hoboken is a smallish city sitting on the west bank of the Hudson River, across from downtown Manhattan. Once there, you can:
  1. Find out the best places to eat in Hoboken.
  2. See a map of the "mile-square city".
  3. Scan the Hoboken Yellow Pages.
  4. Find out that the median age of Hoboken residents is 30.8 years.
  5. Learn about Hoboken's nightclubs, music, and bars.
  6. Tune in to the local literacy scene.
  7. Grab a bus schedule.
  8. Learn how to get to each of Hoboken's five churches.
  9. See online art from local artists.
  10. Send mail to real Hobokenites at fpi@phantom.com

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