Three ways you can access Internet Talk Radio

Internet Talk Radio distributes weekly "radio shows" via anonymous FTP. Each show - a half hour or an hour long - can be downloaded to a workstation or home computer and played using audio playback software. Unlike a myriad of other Internet newsletters and journals, Internet Talk Radio is the only one that actually speaks. The programs include interviews with the "Geek of the Week" (a featured member of the technical community), speeches, poetry readings and other audio clips.

For more information about Internet Talk Radio, send electronic mail to "". You'll automatically receive the basic ITR information. For an updated list of sites that carry ITR, send e-mail to "". The latest information, including program schedules, is available on the Usenet group

  1. Via anonymous FTP: (user: anonymous, password: ansco+re)
  2. Via World Wide Web:
  3. Via Gopher: gopher 70:/6. Internet Resources/ 2. Internet Radio/2. Broadcasts/3. Broadcasts via ftp archives/

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