Seven journals about the Internet, published on the Internet

The following is borrowed from "The Internet Press", a listing of online journals about the 'net. There's lots of high-quality stuff being published about the Internet available on the 'net itself. But surprise, surprise, like everything else 'round here it's not all that easy to find. Here's some guidance on what's out there and what's good. Some are pointers to other net resources and some address broader issues of the net. Some of these are free, some aren't. The Internet Press is posted twice monthly to, alt.culture.internet, and alt.etext.
  1. NSF Network News. Bi-monthly news on the real nuts and bolts of the net. Mucho techie, but it can be interesting. To subscribe, send e-mail to with a mesage body of SUBSCRIBE NSF-NETWORK-NEWS. It's also available via WWW at
  2. Meta Magazine. A monthly mostly about net-related stuff. Not bad, but could use a little more meat. Worth a test drive, if you can handle the Web-only nature of the pub.
  3. The Network Observer. Monthly commentary and bits about the net. Lengthy. To subscirbe, send e-mail to with a subject line of "subscribe your name".
  4. Networks & Community. The emphasis here is on "community" in Internet-land. Short and less techie than you might expect. A bit too much excerpting from other net sources. Send mail to with a body of "subscribe your name". It's also available via gopher from
  5. EFFECTOR. The Electronic Frontier Foundation's membership newsletter, great for telecom policy updates. Short. Get it from or via e-mail: send mail to and ask nicely for a subscription.
  6. Scout Report. Scout Report is an excellent weekly featuring new resource announcements from the InterNIC. News reports about the net are promised but are often pretty lean. It's available via gopher ( and WWW ( and via e-mail (send one to with a message body of "subscribe scout-report".)
  7. Netsurfer Digest. An interesting startup that crisply reviews a wide range of net topics and resources. For example, one issue discussed some interesting disagreements among the net.gods, pointed to a furious thread on anti-feminsim that had broken out on alt.mens-rights, and offered pointers to a few cool publications. This one's a subscription service of consistant quality. You'll find it on the Web at
  8. The Internet Informer. A startup promising news from both the virtual and real worlds including topics like business, legal issues, "MuD Times", "UseNet Life", and so on. Shareware, seeking a $1 donation from readers. Send e-mail to with a message body of "subscribe Informer".

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