Nine electronic journals for Macintosh users

Here's a list of Macintosh-related mags available from the Internet Computer Index.
  1. TidBITS. This is a great weekly newsletter about all things Macintosh. It is also available though anonymous FTP, as are all the old issues. Each issue is about 30K, with letters to the editor, reviews, and long articles. This is one of the most valuable free publications of any kind on the Internet.
  2. Inside Mac Games. A wonderful, very complete monthly magazine about, as you might guess, games on the Macintosh. It covers all sorts of games: commercial, shareware, freeware, network, board, card, adventure, and so on. There are lots of reviews, strategy tips, rumors of coming programs, letters to the editor, and a game popularity poll. IMG comes in two editions: a free preview version and a subscription version that includes color screen shots, more reviews, more tips, QuickTime movies and other goodies. The subscription rate is $18/year if you can receive large files over the Internet, $28 for the diskette version.
  3. Macintosh Tips and Tricks. Another appropriately-named publication. Each monthly issue has lots of techniques for using the Macintosh and common applications. Some of these are pretty simple, others are great work-arounds for deficiencies. There is also a paper version of the newsletter that has a nicer layout and more articles. The subscription rate is $14.95.
  4. Teletimes. In their own words, "Teletimes examines broad topics of interest and concern on a global scale. The magazine strives to showcase the unique differences and similarities in opinions and ideas which are apparent in separate regions of the world." There are lots of political and social articles from many places around the world, and the writing is surprisingly good for such a publication.
  5. The Mac Report. A very polished newsletter covering the entire Macintosh universe. There are reviews, rants about problems with new systems, rumors, ideas, and so on. There is also a more complete paper edition available by subscription, currently $24/year.
  6. The Underground Mac. A less polished report that includes and eclectic mix of reviews, rumors, and how-to articles.
  7. The Low-End User. Aimed at people with less-powerful Macs, this magazine has articles on how to get the most out of the less expensive machines. There are many reviews, tips, columns, and lists of good bargains.
  8. Home and School Mac. This magazine mostly covers Macintoshes that are used in schools and educational software.
  9. Macintosh Electric Magazine. A smallish publication with many reviews and opinion pieces.

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