Five things you can see at the ASCII art bazaar

The ASCII Art Bazaar is an archive of more than 12 megabytes of information featuring 24,000 works of art. No, we're not talking about high-quality JPEG images; we're talking about art made from the ASCII character set- -that's the letters A through Z, the numbers, and special symbols like @, #, $, and ^. To see it for yourself, gopher on over to At the art bazaar, you can find:
  1. ASCIIfied versions of the Mona Lisa, Mister Spock, Alfred Hitchcock, Albert Einstein, Bob Hope and Mickey Mouse.
  2. Three-dimensional artworks and stereograms. (No glasses required.)
  3. ASCII maps of the world (not to scale!)
  4. Discussions about how to create and view ASCII art.
  5. Tools for creating your own wonderful ASCII art.

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