Five online resources for women

  1. The Ada Project (TAP) is a World Wide Web site serving as a clearinghouse for information and resources relating to women in computing. The Web is home to many resources for women, and the goal of The Ada Project is to provide a central location through which these resources can be "tapped." TAP includes information on conferences, projects, discussion groups and organizations, fellowships and grants, notable women in computer science, and other electronically accessible information sites. The Ada Project also maintains a substantive bibliography of references. To access it, connect to ap.html
  2. Women's Wire Women's WIRE (Worldwide Information Resource & Exchange) is a computer network serving the information and networking needs of women. It draws its content from the media, newswires, women's organizations, government sources, and subscribers- -offering a central source for the latest women's news and information. Subscribers can access the latest legislative updates, reports, health abstracts, movie reviews, calendars, conversation, and more. It is a subscription service. For more information, send e-mail to
  3. "Systers" is a private, unmoderated electronic mailing list intended to allow professional women in the field of computing (including technical positions, industry, academia, and government) to discuss issues of mutual interest. The intended membership of the list is the technical female computer professional and female students. To subscribe, send e-mail to
  4. Association for Women in Computing is a national, nonprofit, professional organization for individuals with an interest in information technology. AWC is dedicated to the advancement of women in the computing fields, in business, industry, science, education, and government. E-mail
  5. Also check out the Usenet's soc.feminism, alt.feminism, and soc.women newsgroups.

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