15 "smileys" in the Smiley Catalog that made me, a jaded Net user, giggle

The Smiley Catalog is a free service that allows users to explore and contribute to the style and meaning of those horizontal combinations of ASCII characters called "smileys". The basic smiley is :-) -- tilt your head to the left to see it. To use the Smiley Catalog server, telnet to twinbrook.cis.uab.edu 3399. To display all smileys and their descriptions matching some keyword, enter the word "search" followed by the keyword: for example "search happy". To get a smiley description, just enter the smiley, for example: ":-)" To contribute a new smiley with its description, enter the word "add" followed by the smiley and its description. For example, "add sad-face :-(" I perused the Smiley Catalog for a while and, at the expense of a severe crimp in the neck, chose the following as my favorite smileys.
  1. %-) smiley after staring at a screen for 15 hours
  2. *<|:-) Santa Claus
  3. 0-) wears a scuba mask
  4. :-= beaver
  5. :-a touching tongue to nose
  6. :-P plbbbbt!
  7. :=) orangutan smiley
  8. @:-} just back from the hairdresser
  9. C=}>;*{)) a drunk, devilish chef with a toupee in an updraft, a mustache, and a double chin
  10. -:-( real punk rockers don't smile
  11. {:-) hair parted in the middle
  12. B-) wears shades
  13. :-| "have an ordinary day"
  14. *<|:-) Santa Claus
  15. %-^ Picasso

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