Top ten reasons why White House staff like the Internet

Tom Kalil, "the David Letterman of the Clinton/Gore administration," gave the closing keynote speech at at the INET'94/JENC5 conference in Prague on June 17 1994. He included in that speech comments about National Information Infrastructure efforts in the United States - and this list. (Thanks to the folks at the Scout Report newsetter for this one.)
  1. Surfing the Web is more fun than going to meetings.
  2. Even reading old RFCs is more fun than going to meetings.
  3. On the Internet, no one knows you're a bureaucrat.
  4. It's how we get our daily marching orders from Vint Cerf, Tony Rutkowski, and Dave Farber.
  5. It's hard to write your X.400 address on a cocktail napkin.
  6. We get all that great electronic fan mail on the Clipper Chip.
  7. We have access to the Top Secret Air Force server with cool gifs of UFOs and little green men.
  8. We're still hoping to get on Carl Malamud's "Geek of the Week."
  9. We love getting flamed by rabid libertarians on "com-priv."
  10. We can send e-mail FROM

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