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Appendix B: Information About the Internet, on the Internet

You will find information about the Internet and its services in just about every online nook and cranny imaginable. This appendix lists several hundred (but certainly not all) Internet documents, services, and archives; it should give you a taste of the kinds of worthwhile information that is available on the Net.

The information in this appendix is adapted from the document "Information Sources: The Internet and Computer-Mediated Communication," by John December ( The complete document (which is over 50 single-spaced, typewritten pages and is too long to reproduce here) lists pointers to information describing the Internet, computer networks, and issues related to computer-mediated communication. It is available by anonymous FTP.
Here is the first section, "The Internet and its Services," from December's document. This section lists information about the Internet, the services available on it, and topics related to computer networking.

All of the following items are listed in the form

  • Item Name
    Access_Method Parameters The Item Name is a short name describing the information or service. Access Method describes how you can access the document or service by one of the following methods: e-mail, finger, FTP, Gopher, http, Telnet, Usenet news, or WAIS. Parameters as follows give further access information depending on the access method:

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