Your Internet Consultant - The FAQs of Life Online

11.5. How can I fall in love over the Internet?

Very carefully. I don't suggest trying it, although thousands of people have tried. There are plenty of online places to meet people and make friends, but trust me here, don't start a long-distance romance over the Internet. I'll give you two reasons. 1) Long distance relationships are always difficult. Chances are, whomever you meet on the Internet will indeed be a long distance from you. 2) Things and people may not be what they seem. Beware of people who claim to be something they're not. It's easy to be deceptive on the Net. Cross-gender masquerading, for instance, is a favorite pastime of some folks.

Ask around--you'll hear about only a few happy relationships that started on the Net, but lots of horror stories. Disclaimers aside, here's how to fall in love on the Internet.

If you like to place or read personal ads (just like the ones in your local newspaper), check out the following Usenet groups.

Note: There are also a few "local" personals newsgroups, such as austin.personals and aus.personals, if you want a remote chance at finding a friend in your geographic area.

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