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10.21. Where can I find conversation of a prurient nature?

Oh, just about everywhere. The Internet is awash with erotica, dirty talk, sexy pictures, and fetishists of every type. Sorry, kids, no screenshots for this question; this is a family book.

Note: Not surprisingly, some of the following newsgroups may not be available at your site. Your system administrator may have explicitly refused entry of the newsgroups that don't, well, focus on traditional scientific, literary, or artistic expressions. Also notice that most of these newsgroups are in the alt domain, which isn't available at some sites.

Okay, ahem. On the Usenet, you can find a myriad of prurient newsgroups, including

Note: Sex, an inherently silly thing, has spawned quite a few silly newsgroups. (Actually, it can be pretty hard to tell the ones that are meant to be silly from some of the ones that aren't.) Among the truly silly are, (which stands for Network File System), and

Dirty pictures are available, too, on the following:

True multimedia mavens might venture to check out

As usual, some of these newsgroups have FAQ lists associated with them. The FAQ is available from*
For real-time dirty talk, check out the Internet Relay chat and Multi-User Dungeons (both are covered later). Erotic talk is appropriate on some channels on IRC and some locations on some MUDs. Use your best judgment and don't offend people.

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