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6.40. Where can I find software for my Apple II?

The following is a list of FTP sites with Apple II related files:

On the Usenet, you'll find public domain and shareware software for the Apple in comp.binaries.apple2 and comp.sources.apple2.

Note: Apple fans will also want to check out the Usenet discussions comp.sys.apple2 (with general discussion and questions), comp.sys.apple2.comm (for communications and networking issues), comp.sys.apple2.marketplace (for buying and selling stuff), comp.sys.apple2.programmer (for programmers), and comp.sys.apple2.usergroups (for discussion of users groups).

You can get Apple games via e-mail from the mailing list APPLE2-L. For information, send mail to You can also request Apple files via e-mail from

You can get the Apple II FAQ list (talk about finding files and lots of other good stuff!) via FTP from

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