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6.18. Is there a list of all anonymous FTP sites?

There probably isn't a list of all the world's anonymous FTP sites, but there is one--a behemoth 7-part tome--that is certainly close enough to complete. It should keep you busy for a long, long time.

A typical entry in the FTP list looks like this:

Site   :
Country: USA
GMT    : -8
Date   : 06-Jan-94
Source : MODERxx.ZIP; old ftp-list
Alias  :
Admin  : (Peter Yee)
Organ  : NASA - Ames Research Center, , California
Server :
System : Unix
Comment: A CD-ROM farm with 84 NASA image and data discs on-line, /cdrom
Files  : Images and data mostly of Jet Propulsion Laboratory space probes,
Viking, Voyager, Magellan etc.
It is available via FTP.

It's also available via e-mail:
Subject: <subject line is ignored>
body:  send usenet/news.answers/ftp-list/sitelist/*

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