Four facts about electronic mail

  1. According to the Electronic Messaging Association, the number of workers using e-mail in Fortune 2,000 companies approached 15 million in 1994, up from 9 million three years before. (Information Week 8/29/94 p.48)
  2. A Macworld Magazine survey of 301 companies showed that 78.4% of the firms do not spy on employee e-mail or search their electronic files.
  3. The Eastern Management Group calculated that 11,900,000,000 messages were left on voice mailboxes in 1993.
  4. With all this electronic communication going on, you'd think maybe we're getting closer to the paperless office. Keep dreaming. Figures from the American Forest & Paper Association indicate that the tonnage, since 1983, of annual shipments of U.S. office paper, has gone up 51%.

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