Five mailing lists Mom probably never told you about

  1. bears: Mail.bears is a mailing list in digest format for gay and bisexual men who are "bears" and for those who enjoy the company of bears. The exact definition of a "bear" seems to be a personal one, but it encompasses men who are variously cuddly, furry, perhaps stocky, or bearded. Mail.bears is designed to be a forum to bring together folks with similar interests for conversation, friendship and sharing of experiences. Contact:
  2. cd-forum: Cd-forum provides an arena for support, discussion, and sharing of experiences about gender-related issues: crossdressing, transvestism, transsexualism, etc. Contact:
  3. gl-asb: The gl-asb list is a discussion list for discussion of bondage and S&M topics for gay men and lesbians. It is intended to provide a forum for discussion and stories with an atmosphere of gay and lesbian culture perceived by some as being less prevalent in the newsgroup than they wish. Contact:
  4. triples: The purpose of triples is to discuss non-monogamous relationships, polyfidelity, and group marriage, and the various issues that arise in that context, like jealousy, shared housing, marriage laws, sex, and so on. Contact:
  5. Spanking: The Spanking list is intended for the exchange of stories, articles, letters, rememberances, and comments on and about erotic spanking. The list is mailed out once a week. In addition, there is a personals section at the end of the mailing for those who wish to post. Contact:

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