Five offbeat electronic mailing lists

For the complete list of electronic mailing lists, FTP to Last time I checked there were 976 lists cataloged therein. Try not to subscribe to them all at once.
  1. Amway Distributors: A list devoted to Amway distributors around the world. Topics include book, tape, and function reviews and quotes, as well as product questions and answers. It is a private list with no direct affiliation to the Amway Corporat ion. All currently active distributors may participate. (Contact:
  2. Muscular Women Admirers: An information exchange related to, and a supportive environment for, female athletes who have built a high degree of muscularity, such as bodybuilders, rugby and football players, throwers, swimmers etc. The group's emphasis is on discussion and encouragement for those fighting against gender role prejudices intended to repress the expression of the heroic potential of the female form. (Contact:
  3. The Frog Farm: The Frog Farm is devoted to the discussion of claiming, exercising, and defending rights in America, past, present and future. The main topics are issues which involve a free people and their public servants, and how to deal with the various problems that can arise between a free person who exercises and demands rights and errant public servants who exceed the scope of their powers. Membership is restricted at the discretion of the moderator. (Contact:, put ADD your-mailaddress in the message body.)
  4. CoCo: Discussion related to the Tandy Color Computer (all models), the OS-9 operating system, and any other topics relating to the "CoCo", as this computer is affectionately known. (Contact: pecampbe@mtus5.BITNET)
  5. sleddog: For the promotion of Northern breeds and working dogs, including sled dog racing, skijouring, backpacking, carting, weightpulling, and recreational mushing. (Contact:

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