Eleven Fascinating facts about Kibo

Kibo, an omnipresent Internet personality, has been called "a fixture in the pantheon of net gods, maybe even a bathroom fixture." If you don't know who he is, then you simply haven't been on the Internet quite long enough. Wait a while and you will. The Unofficial Kibology World Wide Web site - er, shrine - is at http://rescomp.stanford.edu/~asuter/kibo/kibo.html. It's a veritable cybershrine to "Leader Kibo". And now, eleven fascinating things you probably didn't know about Kibo.
  1. Kibo has a .signature file that's more than 989 lines long, featuring hundreds of quotations, lots of horrible ASCII art, a recipe for Peanut Blossoms cookies, and even a scratch 'n sniff of "beautiful downtown Schenectady".
  2. He wears size 30 boots ("they were made in the Soviet Union so they're metric.")
  3. He has a near-complete collection of "Gumby" cartoons.
  4. He studied sitcom writing, among other things, in college. He graduated with a BFA in "Writing, Literature, and Publishing/Professional Writing Division" with minors in math and science.
  5. "I'm quite good at pinball and Scrabble but the worst checkers player in the world."
  6. In mid-August of 1994, Kibo sent me mail stating "The can of Spam sitting in front of me will expire in one month, at which time I will open it and see why it makes that sloshing noise when shaken." He has had the can for nearly two years.
  7. Favorite flavor of ice cream? "The green tea ice cream from the Chinatown Ice Cream Parlor in New York City."
  8. Kibo's real name is James W. Parry. No, he hasn't had it legally changed to just "Kibo."
  9. The newsgroup alt.religion.kibology is 50% to 75% more popular than alt.religion.scientology.
  10. Beverages of choice while hacking? Iced oolong tea, Dr. Pepper, Dr. Brown's Cel-Ray Soda, "anything but Zima."
  11. He doesn't know any yo-yo tricks. "I think I can twirl it around my head and use it to knock onlookers unconscious. I don't think I can make it go up and down the string, though."

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