Five facts about the first underwear company in cyberspace

  1. Joe Boxer Corporation, a California underwear manufacturer, is the first underwear company to set up shop on the Internet. They make underwear (for men, women, and kids) sleepwear, and bedding. They've been making underwear since 1985 and say they see the Internet "as yet one more frontier for us to explore."
  2. Their motto is "This is not underwear, it just looks like underwear." They like to think of themselves as a "global joke shop."
  3. To get on their mailing list, send a message to with the words "subscribe UNDERWARE yourusername" in the message body. They'll then be able to send you "amusing underwear testimonials from all over the globe, clean underwear jokes, celebrity underwear sightings, etc."
  4. The company is setting up "Electronic Underwear Town Hall Meetings" to give everyone a chance to speak their mind about underwear and meet the company's designer, founder, and "Chief Underwear Officer".
  5. The company disconnected its toll-free phone line in favor of an e-mail box. If you have questions or comments, you can send e-mail to The company says it gets 15 to 20 messages a day, each of which receives a personal response.

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