Eight companies that are happy to configure and sell a computer to you through the Internet

From the Internet Mall:
  1. Computer Modeling offers thousands of different computer hardware products (E-mail info@compumod.co or gopher to telerama.lm.com)
  2. DirectWARE offers a wide variety of computer hardware products (Gopher to gopher.nstn.ns.ca)
  3. Expert PC Systems specializes in custom PC configurations (Send mail to ExPsales@aol.com)
  4. Fintronic Linux Systems offers a wide range of PC systems with Linux installed (Obtain their catalog by fingering linux-sales@fintronic.com or http://www.fint ronic.com/linux/catalog.html)
  5. IBM Direct Canada offers the full range of IBM and Ambra products. (Use Gopher to find out the latest system prices: gopher direct.ibm.ca)
  6. Insight Direct has more than 20,000 hardware and software products. (Order their catalog by sending electronic mail to catalog@insightd.com)
  7. Internet Shopping Network offers over 10,000 software and hardware products (http://shop.internet.net or send e-mail to info@internet.net)
  8. The Ceram E-mail Marketplace offers SPARC systems and peripherals. (Send mail to catalog@ceram.com for a list of current offerings.)

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