Five facts about what people think about the 'Information Superhighway'

In April 1994, the Harris Poll conducted a survey of 1,255 American adults to find out what they know about the Information Superhighway. Here's what they found:
  1. Only 34% of the public say they have seen, heard, or read about the Information Superhighway.
  2. Awareness is significantly higher among men (45% of them said they had heard of it) than women (23%).
  3. Only 11% of those who have heard of the Information Superhighway said they understand it "quite well." The majority (59%) said they did not understand it well, or at all.
  4. 61% of those who have heard about it think the Information Superhighway is a good idea. 8% think it is a bad idea. 21% think it is an "only fairly good idea." The higher the respondent's education and income, the more likely they think it's a good idea.
  5. Only 8% of those polled think the Information Superhighway is mainly about entertainment. 37% think it's mainly about business, 5% think its about science. 25% think it's about "something else."

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