Top 20 most popular conferences on the Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link (WELL) on a typical Saturday night in the summer

The WELL is a sort of electronic coffee house in the California Bay Area. A homey electronic community, it features hundreds of local discussions as well as the standard Internet fare. For more information, telnet and log in as guest.
  1. news
  2. media
  3. genx (Generation X)
  4. current (Current events)
  5. sexuality
  6. books
  7. music
  8. gd (Grateful Dead)
  9. internet
  10. tours
  11. wellcome
  12. weird
  13. words
  14. misc
  15. EFF
  16. writers
  17. popculture
  18. politics
  19. classifieds
  20. wired

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