31 Newsgroups for your mental and physical well-being

  1. alt.abuse.recovery: Helping victims of abuse to recover.
  2. alt.backrubs: Lower...to the right...aaaah!
  3. alt.med.cfs: Chronic fatigue syndrome information.
  4. alt.meditation: General discussion of meditation.
  5. alt.recovery: For people in recovery programs (e.g., AA, ACA, GA).
  6. alt.sexual.abuse.recovery: Helping others deal with traumatic experiences.
  7. alt.support.arthritis: a support group for sufferers of arthritis
  8. alt.support.big-folks: Sizeism can be as awful as sexism or racism.
  9. alt.support.cancer: Emotional aid for people with cancer.
  10. alt.support.depression: Depression and mood disorders.
  11. alt.support.diet: Seeking enlightenment through weight loss.
  12. alt.support.mult-sclerosis: Discussion about living with multiple sclerosis.
  13. alt.support.spina-bifida: Social and medical aspects of spina bifida.
  14. alt.support.tinnitus: Coping with ringing ears and other head noises.
  15. clari.tw.health: Disease, medicine, health care.
  16. clari.tw.health.aids: AIDS stories, research, political issues.
  17. misc.fitness: Physical fitness, exercise, etc.
  18. misc.health.alternative: Alternative, complementary and holistic health care.
  19. misc.health.diabetes: Discussion of diabetes management in day to day life.
  20. rec.bicycles.misc: General discussion of bicycling.
  21. rec.climbing: Climbing techniques, competition announcements, etc.
  22. rec.food.cooking: Food, cooking, cookbooks, and recipes.
  23. rec.food.veg: Support, questions and answers for vegetarians.
  24. rec.running: Running for enjoyment, sport, exercise, etc.
  25. rec.scuba: Hobbyists interested in SCUBA diving.
  26. rec.skate: Ice skating and roller skating.
  27. rec.skiing: Hobbyists interested in snow skiing.
  28. rec.skiing.nordic: Cross-country skiing technique, equipment, etc.
  29. sci.med: Medicine and its related products and regulations.
  30. sci.med.aids: AIDS: treatment, pathology/biology of HIV, prevention.
  31. sci.med.nutrition: Physiological impacts of diet.

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