Ten newsgroups where you can talk about computer systems and video games that the rest of the world has left for dead

  1. For the Amiga: comp.sys.amiga.advocacy, comp.sys.amiga.announce, comp.sys.amiga.games, and 15 other comp.sys.amiga groups.
  2. For the old Amstrad machines: comp.sys.amstrad.8bit.
  3. The Apple 2 line of computers is alive and well on comp.sys.apple2, comp.sys.apple2.marketplace, and 5 others.
  4. You can chat with advocates of the 8-bit Atari computer (my first love) in comp.sys.atari.8bit, comp.sys.atari.advocacy, and comp.sys.atari.announce. Furthermore, you can talk about the Atari ST line of machines on comp.sys.atari.st and comp .sys.atari.st.tech.
  5. comp.sys.cbm, for discussion of Commodore computers.
  6. Although I'm not sure if it was officially pronounced dead, NeXT computers are thriving on comp.sys.next.advocacy, comp.sys.next.announce, comp.sys.next.software, and several other newsgroups.
  7. Remember the Texas Instruments 99/4 computer? No? Well, the people on comp.sys.ti do.
  8. Classic (well, old) video game systems like the Atari 2600 and the Fairchild "Channel F" System are discussed on alt.games.video.classic and rec.games.video.classic. The Vectrex game system (score ten points if you know what I'm talking about) is the topic of discussion at rec.games.vectrex.
  9. Arcade video games, old and new, are bought, sold and discussed on the newsgroups rec.games.video.arcade and rec.games.video.arcade.collecting. (I'm happy to know that there are still people playing the early games line Crazy Climber and Battlezone.)
  10. You also find lots of talk about classic equipment on alt.folklore.computers, sure to provide hours of entertainment for technically-minded geeks.

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