Four things you can do at Roy's Lobster Shack online

The Online BookStore doesn't just offer books, it seems. It also offers crustaceans. According to them, "For the first time on the Internet, the online public can order live lobsters, to be rushed to kitchens anywhere in the world. The Net's first cold-blooded inhabitants promise to add flavor to today's menu-driven environment. Though not impervious to flames, these exoskeletons offer a balance to more thin-skinned members of the Net community. Their compound eyes are many-faceted, perfect for the challenges of our evolving online hypertext publishing systems, but these lurkers from the deep are unfortunately wanting in the necessary cerebral text processing capabilities. Lobsters also taste good." To see this for yourself, web on over to I'm vegetarian, so I'll pass on this opportunity, but perhaps you'll want to do the following:
  1. Order fresh Atlantic Ocean lobsters, which can be shipped via Federal Express. (It says they can live out of water for 36 hours, so yours might try to crawl out of the FedEx box. Yipes.)
  2. See a picture of the Lobster Shack.
  3. Download a photo of a blue lobster.
  4. Send e-mail to the lobsters (and the Shack's proprietors) at (what else?)

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