14 commercial online services you can access via the Internet

A variety of commercial online services can be reached from your Internet account, allowing "one stop shopping" for all your online information needs. Note that these services are not free -- each is a pay-for-use service that requires you to set up an account. You must arrange for an account with the service provider before you can use the service.
  1. BRS -- Bibliographic Retrieval Service: telnet brs.com
  2. BioTechNet: telnet biotechnet.com. For information, log in as JOINBTN with the password BIOTECH
  3. CompuServe: telnet compuserve.com and type CIS at the Host Name prompt.
  4. Datapac: telnet hermes.merit.edu then type datapacinfo at the prompt
  5. Datastar: telnet rserv.rs.ch
  6. Delphi: telnet delphi.com
  7. Dialog: telnet dialog.com
  8. Dow Jones News/Retrieval: telnet djnr.dowjones.com
  9. LEXIS/NEXIS: telnet lexis.meaddata.com
  10. Legi-Slate Info Service: telnet legislate.com
  11. Western Libraries Network: telnet wln.com
  12. Research Library Information Network: telnet rlg.stanford.edu
  13. Women's WIRE: telnet wwire.net
  14. America Online. You'll need America Online's special software, which you can get via anonymous FTP from ftp.aol.com.

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