Five magazines with good information about the 'net

  1. Internet World. Published by Meckler Corp. A monthly magazine covering all aspects of the Internet. Features are geared toward the beginner to intermediate-level user. The cost for a one-year subscription is $24.95; a two-year subscription is $37.00. Outside the U.S., add $18.00. (Phone: 800/MECKLER.)
  2. Internet Business Journal. Strangelove Press. This journal is geared toward those interested in doing business on the Internet. $149 ($179 Canadian) 12 issues annually; $75 ($89 Canadian) for educational institutions and small businesses. Sample copies are available on request or by gopher to "" (E-mail: or phone: 613/565-0982.)
  3. Wired. Wired is the tres-hip net-surfer, cyberpunk, techno-fetish magazine for the 90s. There's loads of great information about the 'net here, if you can get past the eye-numbing Generation-X page layouts. Subscriptions are $39.95 for 12 issues. Send e-mail to or call 800/SO-WIRED. (By the way, you can read back issues of Wired online: gopher for a look.)
  4. Boardwatch. Focus includes bulletin board systems, legal aspects of the online world and the Internet. $36 for 12 monthly issues. E-mail: 800 /933-6038.
  5. 3W -- the global networking newsletter. 3W is published bi-monthly. An annual subscription costs $45 including airmail postage from Europe. Individual issues cost $7.50 including postage. For more information, e-mail

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