MBONE: Multicasting Tomorrow's Internet

Video in Your New Event

The network video package, nv, is a videoconferencing tool that uses a default band-width of 128 Kbps and offers video rates of three to five frames per second. Versions are available for Sun, Silicon Graphics, DEC, and Hewlett-Packard systems. In Figure 5-4, you can see the main NV window. NV was one of the MBONE tools that was started as part of our new session.

The NV window is divided into five parts:

Figure 5-4: The main NV window.

Figure 5-5: The NV picture window.

When you click on a fingernail picture, the image of the fingernail appears in a normal-size picture window, as shown in Figure 5-5. You can have as many windows as there are people sending video to your event. In this window, you see the status of the actual broadcast in terms of frame rate, bandwidth, and packet loss. The brightness and contrast controls are still there, so you have per-picture control of these parameters. A Capture button allows you to capture a frame and save it to a file.

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