MBONE: Multicasting Tomorrow's Internet

A book about the multicasting backbone and the future of multimedia on the Internet
Copyright 1996, 1998 by Kevin Savetz, Neil Randall, and Yves Lepage

This site contains the full text of our book, MBONE: Multicasting Tomorrow's Internet. This book was published by IDG in April 1996 and is now out of print. We are putting the book on the Web in its entirety in the hope that someone will find it useful. However, we have not updated the material since we wrote it, and don't intend to do so.

You may be able to buy a pre-owned, printed copy of the book from amazon.com.

Table of Contents

Part I: Tomorrow's Technology Today

Chapter 1: The Internet and Multimedia
Chapter 2: Today's Technology
Chapter 3: The MBONE and Multicasting
Chapter 4: Where the MBONE Came From
Chapter 5: An Armchair MBONE Session
Chapter 6: MBONE Events
Chapter 7: Why the MBONE Matters
Chapter 8: Research Applications

Part II:Making the MBONE Connection

Chapter 9: What You Need -- Hardware and Software
Chapter 10: Bandwidth and Storage
Chapter 11: Accounting and Debugging Issues
Chapter 12: The Future of the MBONE

Part III: Technical Reference

Appendix A: Host Extensions for IP Multicasting: RFC 1112
Appendix B: Requirements for Multicast Protocols: RFC 1458
Appendix C: The MBONE FAQ
Appendix D: Getting the Software
Appendix E: For More Information
Appendix F: CU-SeeMe Configuration File

MBONE: Multicasting Tomorrow's Internet
ISBN: 1-56884-723-8
Text copyright © 1996, 1998 by Kevin Savetz, Neil Randall, and Yves Lepage. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form without the permisson of the authors.
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