MBONE: Multicasting Tomorrow's Internet

Appendix D: Getting the Software


In this appendix, you find where and how to get the software you need to participate in MBONE events. Some guidelines and recommendations are also presented. As a convention, I consider the default way of retrieving software to be anonymous FTP. Anonymous FTP is a way to exchange files on the Internet that doesn't require an account on the remote FTP site. You simply use your FTP software to connect to the remote site and log in as either ANONYMOUS or FTP. The password that you will to the remote site becomes your e-mail address.

Most filenames have a .Z ending. These have to be uncompressed with the UNIX uncompress utility that comes with every UNIX operating system.

Some of the files end with .gz. These files are gunzip files. Gunzip (or gzip used with the -c flag) is required to uncompress these package files. The gunzip (or gzip) software can be obtained from prep.ai.mit.edu in /pub/gnu. The file to get is gzip-1.2.4.tar.

Files with the extension .tar.z or .tar.gz need to be untarred after they have been uncompressed with gzip -c or the UNIX uncompress utlity. To untar these files, use the tar utility, which comes with all UNIX systems.

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