Your Internet Consultant - The FAQs of Life Online

10.14. How can I find out about other games?

But wait, there's more! Other games are available on the Internet for your pleasure. Internet services come and go daily--it's probable that a new game has popped up somewhere, or one mentioned here has disappeared.

First, check your system's own menus and Gopher to find out what game clients and servers might be running locally. Next, check Scott Yanoff's list of Internet services for an up-to-date look at games (and lots of other stuff to do) on the Internet. (Finger to find out how to receive this list.)

The Usenet is rife with discussion about games of all sorts, in play-by-mail, online, and traditional formats.

Abstract games          :
Backgammon              :
Battletech et al        :
Bridge                  :
Board games             :
Chess                   :
Cosmic Encounter        :
Diplomacy               :
General game design     :
Go                      :
Miniatures              :
Multi-User Dungeons     :
Play-by-Mail games      :
Role-Playing Games      :
Trivia games            :
Video games             :

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