Five more questions (with five more answers) asked at the 1994 Computer Bowl

  1. In the book Jurrasic Park by Michael Crichton, a supercomputer is used for DNA sequencing. What brand of supercomputer is used?
  2. There are several computer-oriented online services available today. One of the original online systems was CompuServe. In what year did CompuServe first go on-line?
  3. We are all familiar with the term ATM, standing for Automated Teller Machine. But way back in the 1950's, The Bank of America instaleld one of the first computerized banking systems, built by GE. It was caleld ERMA. What the the letters ERMA stand for?
    Electronic Recording Machine Accounting
  4. In 1993 a front page New York Times article reported that a Long Island computer programmer named Michael Lafaro used a novel technique to persuade one of his clients to pay a past-due consulting bill. What did he do?
    Put a virus in his client's computer.
  5. In 1993, one of the major online services was acquired by an international media magnate. Which service, which magnate?
    Delphi and Rupert Murdoch

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