15 useful files from the misc.consumers.house e-mail archive

The following files, of interest to folks who own a house or are considering buying one, are avialble from the misc.consumers.house electronic mail archive. To get any of these files, send a message to house-archive@dg-rtp.dg.com with the words send filename in the message header. For instance, to learn about basements, use the command send basements. Home dwellers also might want to check out the Usenet groups misc.consumers.house, rec.woodworking, and rec.gardens.
  1. automation. Tips on automating your home using X-10 light and appliance timers. Includes equipment sources and prices.
  2. basements. Information on how to deal with wetness under you house.
  3. books. A list of books on home repair, design, and the like.
  4. discounts. Ideas on how to buy various things for your home at a discount.
  5. features. This is a huge file explaing the features you should consider when designing a house. Since this file touches on every aspect of houses, there's stuff in here that could have been in almost any of the other files, so check this file for hints on all kinds of things.
  6. floors. Tips on installing and maintaining hardwood floors and those new "floating" hardwood floors.
  7. fogging_glass. Information about condensation between layers of glass in insulating windows.
  8. furnaces. Pilot lights, filters, blowers that won't stop.
  9. furniture. Tips on buying furniture at a discount from North Carolina distributors.
  10. lights. Compact fluorescent lights for lighting efficiency.
  11. mortgages. Formulas for calculating mortgage payments, early payoffs.
  12. roofing. One person's analysis of different alternatives to wood shingles, and hints on roofing in general.
  13. vacuums. This is a huge file, covering vaccum cleaners. (Most of them really suck.)
  14. wiring. An excellent article on everything you need to know about electrical wiring.
  15. index. The current index of goodies available from the archive.

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