Four facts about citizens' access to technology

  1. Households with incomes of $50,000 or more are five times more likely to own a PC and 10 times more likely to have access to online services. (PC World 9/94 p.30)
  2. In a survey of college graduates with children, 49% had PCs, compared to 17% of homes in which the parents had only high school diplomas. (PC World 9/94 p.30)
  3. An MIT study predicts the median age of Internet users will drop from 26 to 15 within the next five years. (Bottom Line Personal 10/15/94 p.10)
  4. In a survey of small business executives conducted for IBM by Roper Starch Worldwide, 65% of the respondents said that building the information highway is a good use of government funds, but only 3% think the government should have "a lot" of influence on how the highway operates. Forty-four percent felt the government should have no influence, and 49% said they thought it should have "some" say in how things are run. (Inc. Technology Premiere Issue p.19)
  5. While the debate continues over what universal access to the Internet actually means, Mitch Kapor reminds us that 98% of U.S. households have TVs and only 93% have telephones.

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