Four more of the funkiest things hooked to the net

  1. The Cygnus Support Christmas Tree. Complete with blinking lights and an angel on top, you can check out the status of the only foliage on the Internet. I'd use it as an example but it's June and there's currently a definite lack of Christmas. This is a seasonal service- -go figure. (finger
  2. Kirk McKusick's wine cellar. This service is completely useless (unless of course, you're the owner of the wine cellar in question) listing the current temperature and highlighting the "wine of the day". (telnet 451)
  3. UC Berkeley's Internet vending machine. Yet another vending machine, with complete inventory data on tempting treats like Cokes, sausage sticks, "Death Cookies" and Gooey Buns. Mmm-mmm good. (finger
  4. More Coke machines as more colleges. OK, there were too many to list all at once in the previous Funkiest Things list, so here are a couple more Coke machines that you can check out from the comfort of your terminal. (finger, finger

$ telnet 451
Trying ...
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
The temperature in the Chez Oxford wine cellar is 64.6 degrees
Fahrenheit. The outdoor temperature is 53.0 degrees Fahrenheit.
The indoor temperature is 74.6 degrees Fahrenheit. The
temperature at the house control unit (in the basement) is 65.8
degrees Fahrenheit. The drip irrigation system is off (and the
external drip timer is currently on). The upstairs space
heater is currently off.
The wine of the day is:
Wine 520: Chateau La Tour du Haut Moulin 1966 Bordeaux (Cussac le Vieux)
        (only 1 bottle available)

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